Timeless Shimano - Company Message
A special thank you is going out to a valuable customer and long distance friend that I have met via transactions made through Timeless Shimano. Names and pictures will follow after such permission is granted. If you would like to donate any old Bantams or older Shimano parts, it would be much appreciated as they would be used in the reconstruction and restoration of the timeless old Bantams. Names and pictures could be posted as well for future contributors. Many thanks to all who choose to support. I think it is a great cause that would allow lower pricing to get the younger generation involved in the great world of reel collecting. Cheers
Timothy A. Pyle of Washington State has been a great supporter of Timeless Shimano. He has proven to be one of my favourite customers as well as supplying me with a plethora of Shimano parts. He keeps in touch with me and hopefully we'll be friends for a long time to come. Thanks again Timothy!Update Oct 4, 2013Timothy continues to amaze me with some of the reels he has acquired in his talented search for older Bantams. I will be posting some of his finds in the future for all to look at. Good work my friend!
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