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Just finished gold Mag Dial. Still some issues but with time, will work for sue.Going Gold. New gold finish on old Mag Dial. Work in progress!Mag Dial Restoration, Silver
Shimano Bantam Magnetic Control Dials
I have spent many sleepless nights pondering over how to restore Mag Dials. I have painted them, I have taken off the old finish and polished the dial then painted the pointer and none of them appeared correct. I am trying a new approach and all who read this and see my efforts, please tell me what you think. I will be adding gold in the very near future. Gold has now been added. They are a pain to do but once installed, look really nice and infact look a tad better than the original. May be onto something here. I'll keep experimenting and try keeping everyone up to date.
Both the gold and silver restorations turned out quite well. They now have a highly reflective finish that appears to be permanent. I will apply to most reels that have worn Mag Control Dials, it makes a world of difference since new ones are very hard to find. This is the best solution I could find and hope you all like it. Cheers and no more sleepless nights, until another solution comes up...lol.
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