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May God find her Fishing her Favorite stream, waiting for her remarkable partner, TimothyTimothy and Nina on the bank of one of their cherished rivers after a very successful dayMy Uncle, George Dyck...In Loving Memory. August 3, 1943 - June 3, 2014This page is to remind us all that life is very fragile and special. The loved ones in the pictures deserve the utmost praise and least we never ever forget them.
Very special people, including my uncle, George Dyck, taken before his time. August 3, 1943 - June 3, 2014 and a truly amazing woman, Nina de Jesus Pyle, Timothy's Pride and Joy ... July 27, 1962 - June 7, 2014
Please read the beautiful Tribute Timothy has written for Nina below...
I'm sure there's a smile hiding in there somewhere, Giant Buck Steelhead. He was one of the Best!May God Rest Their Souls!
Tribute To My Wife.

" Never in a million years will I ever figure out how an average guy as myself could get as lucky as I did when in 2005, this beautiful Dominican beauty from Long Island, NY.,  would allow herself to surrender her heart to me. When she made her maiden voyage from the Big Apple, to the Pacific NW, that was then, when she saw our beautiful NW terrain and everything that went with it. She would always tell me that the two main things that stole her heart, was me and the northwestern sunsets.  In the "concrete jungle" she had never realized how absolutely breathtaking this part of our country was. So as of April, 2006, this became her home and she became my best friend and my wife. She was also to me, my anchor. Symbolically, she was the one who gave me hope, just as the seamen of old would utilize their anchors in rough seas to stabilize their vessel and provide "hope" they would not fall victim to the angry seas.  So, to me, she was that, my anchor. She remains to me that anchor that we will be together on the other side of the Vail. I miss her so terribly. It will be not the same out on the river without her. But in the honor of my beautiful Nina, I will continue to chase, catch and release the number one love we shared together, the Salmon & Steelhead of the finest and most beautiful rivers in the world, given to us by our creator, Amen.
I love you Nina.

Timothy A Pyle
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