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FX Exhaust provides a complete line of exhaust repair solutions to most exhaust system problems.
Two of three vehicles bought today are pre-owned, and the average vehicle age is between 5 and 15 years old. Costly exhaust replacement is usually put off.
Most exhaust problems can be repaired quickly and economically. When problems occur at the connection between pipes or at the manifold connection, the expensive converter and other parts are still functional and need not be replaced along with the pipe, especially cars with California and New York emission laws.
We design and build low cost repair alternatives using exhaust connection repair kits that fix the problem on most cars using original equipment flanges, heavy gauge tubing, and professsional welding methods. Our repair kits are favored by professional installers and will support the weight of the exhaust system.
FX Exhaust works with distributor partners across the country to get these universal and application-specific exhaust repair kits to service repair shops and retail counters. Over 2,500 applications can be found in WHI Nexcat and Epicor (Activant).

Toll-free phone 1-877-753-0716
Email - sales@fxexhaust.com

To find an existing distributor in your area or to join a dynamic 'car guy' team and distribute FX Exhaust, contact Ed Harth - eharth@fxexhaust.com
1-877-753-0716 Ext. 234

FX Exhaust is a manufacturer selling to warehouse distributors & jobbers.FX Exhaust
58 Morrell Street
Brantford ON N3T 4J4


FX Exhaust
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