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RDRR Enterprises Welcomes you to Timeless Shimano where the past meets the present. First off, I am an avid fisherman of Steelhead/Salmon/Trout. I have been fishing for over 45 years and get out to the river whenever I find the time. I have also been collecting vintage Shimano Bantams for as long as I can remember and continue to  purchase new acquirements every week. Never satisfied with the Status Quo, I ventured into taking new and old Bantams alike and restoring them to better than new and absolutely gorgeous to look at inside. Each and every reel is examined, taken apart and cleaned by hand. I just purchased a TovaTech Elma E30H ultrasonic cleaner and it works excellent, I use it regularly. Cleaning by hand takes time but allows me to examine each part before further cleaning or polishing takes place. Damaged or worn parts are replaced with new or better used parts. Most mechanical surfaces are polished to mirror finish. (  (Engineering / Metallurgy) a smooth highly polished surface produced on metal by mechanical or electrolytic polishing or lapping) lol. This not only allows the part to perform at its' best, but looks absolutely gorgeous. Most bronze/brass bushing reels have their bushings replaced with Boca or VXB High Performance bearings in either ABEC 5 or ABEC 7 configuration. Link to VXB High Performance Bearings. These are ceramic hybrids and they are expensive. The reels performance is greatly enhanced with the addition of new bearings. I am still a fan of bushings. When sized correctly to shaft/axle and polished, they are about as smooth as a bearing and little to no maintenance is required. But all n all, bearings are just quicker and the sound ceramics make is music to ones ear. Bearings are dry. Link to Boca Bearings FAQ's: Drag washers are also replaced. Because most or all of the reels I restore will never be fished (although they could be), all grease and oils are removed. Only friction points receive lubrication and it is applied very sparingly.  Drag washers are carbon fibre and really need no lubrication to work but if fishing with, a small amount of your favourite drag grease, just enough to lightly coat both surfaces should be applied. If I feel that a reel will benefit from a performance standpoint, some additional lubrication will be added to critical areas.

NEW April 15, 2015: Coming soon. A webpage that will list reel model number, condition and price.

 I have over 300 reels in my collection with almost half, new in box. Most are Shimano's but I also collect Ryobi, Lew's, Daiwa, Abu, Seldex and many others. My Bantam collection is extensive and I am not missing any models. Any reel from a 10SG up to 100EXSG including all my favourites in the left-hand and Mag category. Bantam 201SG/MAG SG, 21SG MAG are some of my favourites to own/fish. Also all models between 100 and 500. All early Shimano Bantams are built like work horses. The technology used back in the late 70's early 80's is still being used in many of todays modern Shimano bait casters. I take a lot of pride in what I do and respect any customers wishes. My email address is: rdrr@timelessshimano.net

Surrey, BC
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